Download the game

Here you can download the game The 4 Suspects and use it in your classes about Computational Thinking. The download is free, and the game should only be used in the educational version of Minecraft (Minecraft EE).

It is important to note that this game is not a substitute for Computational Thinking lessons. It was created to be part of a pedagogical strategy, both in face-to-face education or remote learning. It is extremely important that the game The 4 Suspects to be used as part of a lesson, not as the main content about the subject.

What is the indication for using the game? Imagine this: you teach classes on Computer Thinking. So, after exposing the concepts that are part of the subject, you want students to have a practical example of how the exposed knowledge can be applied. Instead of asking them to picture a scenario on their imagination, you can use the game The 4 Suspects. Then, the students will be able to practice what they have just learned, exploring a virtual world and solving a mystery.

To achieve the goal proposed by the game, they will make use of four aspects of Computational Thinking: the use of algorithms, conditional rationalization, problem decomposition and pattern recognition. If you would like more details, see the teacher support material.

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition (or Minecraft EE) is a version of the game that requires an educational license. This project has no affiliation with Microsoft, Mojang (the company that makes Minecraft) and its participants have no idea how to get a license for those who don't (we got from our university). So, if you don't use Minecraft EE yet, you need to get in touch with the people responsible for IT at your school or university.

We do not provide any kind of support for the use of the game, nor are we responsible for its application. This website is only for sharing the game and you must use it assuming full responsibility for using it.